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Aysist Sysmic Suspended Ceiling System


It is important that the structural system of the structural elements in the building is safe as well as the non-structural elements during the earthquake.

Measures should be taken in terms of both safety and damage costs after the earthquake. The suspended ceiling elements that are poured during the sling and pose towards the ground can create a serious risk and complicate the evacuation processes together with the panic air in the environment.

In Aysist Seismic Suspended Ceiling Systems, the principle of the continuation of the pre-earthquake functions of the suspended ceilings in the same way is based.

Aysist Seismic Ceiling Systems, the international standard ASTM E 580 / E 580M - 17, ASCE7, IBC, C635, C636, E3090 / E3090M, FEMA E-74, CISCA, EUROCODE 8 and Turkey `s prevailing Turkey Building Earthquake Directives, It complies with the Ministry of Health Circular and TS 1475-3 basic design principles.

Suspended ceiling with seismic resistance property patent no: 2016/12939