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TSMD Architecture Awards Event

The architecture awards given every two years by the Association of Turkish Architects of Independent Architects were presented to the owners on 16 February 2019.

In the award ceremony sponsored by Aytaş Alçı at TSMD Architecture Center on Saturday, February 16, 2019, the Grand Prize, Building Award, Press Release Award, Contribution to Architecture Award and Jury Special Award were presented to the winners.

We are at the 41st Istanbul Building Fair

Aytaş Alçı Organized Seminar on Seismic Protection in Suspended Ceilings

The seminar on Türk Seismic Protection Measures on Suspended Ceilings from Non-Structural Elements ği which was held by Aytaş Alçı in the Association of Turkish Architects of Independent Architects on 19 April, was held with great interest. Aytaş Alçı Board Member Mustafa Ayrancıoğlu`s opening speech emphasized the importance of Aytaş Alçı in improving the quality of the gypsum sector in line with the developing technology and needs of Aygips, Aypan, Outwear and Aysist brands. In the seminar, moderated by Architect Hacer Ayrancıoğlu Yetiş, Prof. Uğurhan Akyüz, Assistant Ministry of Health Specialist Emre Ilgın, Aytaş Alçı Technical Project Manager Y. Architect Tuğba Özhan and Geko Engineering. Ekin Ekiz continued with speeches. Architect Emre Ilgın talked about the details of non-structural elements in seismic protection measures in PPP projects of the Ministry of Health. The demand in the current process emphasized the sensitivity of the material manufacturers to the issue and the right and desired solutions. He emphasized that the seismic insulation made in the carrier system is not sufficient and that seismic protection measures should be taken in the non-structural elements. A. Architect Tuğba Özhan mentioned the national and international standards that form the basis of the seismic suspended ceilings that Aytaş Alçı started with the Aysist brand, and talked about the relationship between Aysist seismic suspended ceilings with these standards and their experiences in PPP projects.  


Aytaş Alçı in the 3rd Ankara Brand Festival

At the ceremony held at ATO, Mehmet AYRANCIOĞLU, Member of the Board of Directors on behalf of AYTAŞ ALÇI, received the award from TOBB President Rıfat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU and ATO Chairman Gürsel BARAN

4th Business Summit with College

We took our place as Ayrancıoğlu Group of Companies at the 4th College Business Summit. Mr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, visited our booth and shared with Mr. Mehmet Ayrancıoğlu about the sector.


Meeting with students of Eskişehir Osman Gazi University Department of Architecture

Aysist Interior Systems and Outwear Exterior Systems are introduced to Eskişehir Osman Gazi University Architecture Department students.


Education to Department of Architecture at Kayseri Erciyes University

As AYTAŞ Gypsum, in line with our leading  work about construction sector, re-trainings have been started in the architecture departments of universities for the conscious use of materials.
It is begun education with the students of Kayseri Erciyes University Department of Architecture, students were given information and application training about Gypsum and Gypsum Board applications.
In the workshop, the details of the application were shown to the students. 
The students who were placed in the top 3 were rewarded for their achievements.
The topics are;
• Gypsum and Gypsum Board General Information
• Partition Wall System Accessories
• Partition Walls
• Plasterboard Partition Wall Application
• Acoustic suspended ceiling systems
• Information about Outwear Exterior Board
•Application details


22nd Izmir Building Fair