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Non-carrier partition wall system. It is formed by screwing one layer of Aypan on both sides of a single metal frame (Aypan DC) made of galvanized steel sheet.

  • It can be used in all kinds of buildings such as office, hospital, hotel, residence.
  • Max. It can be applied to a height of 5.45 m.
  • The average weight of the system is 23-26 kg / m2. The fire resistance is F30 with Aypan® Red.
  •  To improve the sound and heat performance of the system, insulation boards such as rock wool can be placed between the profiles. When rockwool is used, the sound insulation performance of the system is between 40-47 dB.
  •  Aypan Sound Insulation Tape should be adhered to the profile backs on the surfaces where the flooring and wall intersect, and measures should be taken against sound bridges. The gap between the profiles can be used as the installation passage.