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Outwear Roof Board


Outwear Roof Board is a high strength roofing board with special additives and glass fiber in the core and the back surface is covered with a special meshed mattress. (GM-F-H1-I-R)

In the roof solution of buildings, it is used instead of OSB or wood under the topcoat materials (such as tile, metal roofing).

The Outwear Roof Board is resistant to wind buoyancy in roof plates with different slopes.

Class A1 is fireproof. It has low water absorption rate. Resistant to moisture and mold.

Lightweight, easy to carry. Reduces shipping costs.

Can be cut with a utility knife.

Mounted by screw.

Saves labor and time. Provides the opportunity to work in all seasons.

Due to its flexible structure, it is assembled by bending on curved roofs.