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GD 10


According to the project and details,

·Aygips Adhesive Plaster mortar should be applied at least 4 clusters in the direction of Aypan width and 40 cm each in the direction of the back of the board.

·Aypan wedges should be placed between the lower edge of the Aypan and the flooring.

·Aypan should be adhered.

·If necessary, Aypan should be cut and sized.

·Pre-fill the gaps more than 3 mm with Aygips grouting plaster. Joint tape should be adhered to Aypan joints.

·The cladding wall should be formed by applying Aygips joint filler plaster on the joint tape.

All kinds of materials and losses, workplace loading, horizontal and vertical transport, unloading and contractor profit and general expenses, including 1 m2 price.