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Aypan D Plus (Type D-FH1-IR)


Aypan D Plus; It is used in the manufacturing of curtain wall and partition wall where resistance to impact, moisture and fire is demanded in the interior. Determined high density, core cohesion is increased, water absorption rate is reduced, fire, impact resistant, strengthened gypsum board.

It is used in places with heavy indoor traffic, on surfaces subject to impact and impact.

  • Aypan D Plus consists of a special surface cardboard coated on both sides and a high density natural gypsum stone determined in its core, increased core cohesion, fire, moisture resistance and increased strength. The so-called core or core is reinforced with specially produced additives and fibers for the purpose of increasing the impact, moisture and fire resistance performance of the gypsum board.
  • The high density natural gypsum found in the core provides hardness, impact resistance, lightness and workability to the board.
  • It provides flexibility and strength to the board with a special surface carton on both sides.
  • Easily cut with a utility knife.
  • All applications made with Aypan D Plus are lightweight, flexible and robust, providing secure structures against earthquakes as they are connected to building carriers with flexible connection details.
  • Walls made using Aypan D Plus are much thinner than traditional wall manufacturing and provide space saving.
  • In accordance with the needs of the project, suitable parts of Aypan D Plus can be selected in the impacted parts of the wall (for example, up to 120 cm height from the floor), and in other parts, suitable plates from Aypan series.
  • It is easy to work, it provides fast manufacturing. It reduces application costs in construction