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According to the project and details,

  • L edge profiles must be fixed to the existing wall using Aypan screws and plastic dowels.
  • The first main bearing axis 120 cm from the existing wall should be marked on the ceiling surface.
  • The lines to which the T24 is to be fixed should be marked at a maximum distance of 120 cm.
  • Aypan steel dowels must be fixed at 90 cm intervals on the marked lines.
  • Suspension rods must be attached to Aypan steel anchors.
  • Double spring tongs must be attached to the Aypan suspension rods.
  • T 24 profiles should be cut.
  • T 24 profiles must be mounted on Aypan double spring tongs and leveled.
  • The T 24 spacer profiles must be secured to the main profile profiles by means of clips so as to form a 60x60 grid.
  • Suspended ceiling should be formed by leaving Aypan or Aysist plates on the construction.

The price is 1 m2 including all kinds of materials and losses, loading in the workplace, horizontal and vertical transport, unloading and contractor profit and general expenses.