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According to the project and details,

  • Double spacing Aypan DU profiles (galvanized steel sheet in accordance with TS EN 14195) should be fixed to the base and ceiling by using Aypan screws and plastic dowels at 60 cm intervals, leaving an intermediate space.
  • Aypan sound insulation tape should be affixed behind the Aypan DC profiles (made in accordance with TS EN 1495) to be attached to DU and side walls.
  • The DC profiles should be dimensioned according to the wall height (cut if necessary). The DC profiles should be inserted between the two DU profile lines at 40 or 60 cm intervals to form a double frame.
  • If desired, rockwool plates of appropriate thickness and density should be placed between the DC profiles.
  • Aypan should be cut and dimensioned and the first layer should be fixed to the profiles with 25 mm and the second layer 35 mm.
  • This should be done in the same way on the other side of the wall.
  • Aygips joint filler plaster should be pre-filled into gaps more than 3mm.
  • Screw heads should be covered with Aygips grouting plaster.
  • Joint tape should be adhered to Aypan joints.
  • A partition wall should be formed by applying Aygips joint filler plaster on the joint tape.

All kinds of materials and losses, workplace loading, horizontal and vertical transport, unloading and contractor profit and general expenses, including 1 m2 price.