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Outwear Joint Filler and Exterior Primer


  • Surface Preparation;

Dust and anti-adhering agents must be removed from the surface before application. The smoothness and mechanical strength of the application surface should be checked.

  • Application;

The mortar is a joint filling material with a suitable consistency of 25 kg to 5-7 liters of water. Mix with low speed mixer into clean water for 3-5 minutes until no lumps remain. The mortar which is left to rest for 5 minutes is remixed for a short time and becomes ready for use.

  • Application Conditions;

The ambient temperature should be between + 5 ° C and + 30 ° C.

  • In Joint Filling Process;

Pre-fill the gaps more than 3 mm before application. Self-adhesive alkali-resistant joint tape is applied on the width of steel trowel.

  • Surface Plastering; After the mortar is applied with a 10 mm comb trowel on the previously closed surface, the alkali resistant plaster net is applied to the surface and the surface is closed with a plaster trowel applied to the surface and the surface is closed. Plaster mesh should be applied by overlapping 10 cm on the other mesh in additional sweat.