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Extension Piece

Aypan extension pieces are used for forming metal bearing framework during internal space suspended ceiling applications. It is fixed to the joint locations of ceiling C profiles during suspended ceiling construction, and connects profiles to each other.

  • It is made up of hot dip galvanized 0,60 mm thick carbon steel sheets by means cold forming method in order to prevent corrosion.

  • Minimum galvanize thickness is 110 - 122 g/m2.

  • Its zinc cover does not fall when folded.

  • It has a bow formation in case of preventing gap formation while connecting profiles to each other.

  • There is a stopper at its middle point, which maintains equal insertion to the used profile.

  • Complies with TS EN 14195 (Metal Framework Components, Used on Gypsum Plate Systems) standard.

Package (pcs / carton) : 500 pcs. / carton